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What To Do With Your Faded Bravery Medals


With the introduction of different tiers of bravery medals, I've had some questions regarding what best to do with the faded ones. While everyone's needs are unique, this video is meant to be a guide for the ones who have excess faded bravery medals with no idea how best to optimise their use.


Assumption is that you have geared all your heroes in rank 5 and above gear, hence any of the faded bravery medals become superfluous.

Rank 1 ring and equipment boxes only cost 1000 medals each. Rank 2 boxes are double at 2000 medals each. Disassembling rank 2 rings and equipment does result in more rune powder as compared to disassembling rank 1 rings and equipment. However, it's not double the amount of rune powder, hence disassembling rank 1 rings and equipment will be more resource efficient.

Moving along the same line of reasoning, rank 1 ring boxes have a chance to give rank 2 rings, which disassemble for more rune powder than rank 1 rings. Rank 1 equipment boxes do not have a chance to give rank 2 equipment, hence buying rank 1 ring boxes to disassemble for rune powder becomes the most resource efficient option available at this point in time.

Extra Tip:

If you were wondering why I was checking every single dream fragment ring, it is for the purpose of PvP, where cleanse rings can possibly swing the tide of the battle, I've made it a point to keep any that has at least a cleanse skill at level 9 and above. In the video above, I managed to get one after opening 400+ boxes. Hopefully, you can have better luck than that !

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