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Marriage System: Do You Or Do You Not ?


Today's patch added a marriage system into the game. If you're still sitting on the fence, or wish to be forever alone in game, this video will show you what you're missing !


Before we begin, like any wedding planner worth its salt, please prepare the following:

1. Proposer with 30 million gold

2. Bride to change main class and leader to sniper

3. Groom to change main class and leader to gladiator

4. Both bride and groom to be online at the same time

If you're on each other's friends list, the proposer can select the name and select propose. If you're not on each other's friends list, the propose can go to menu > find npc > baby big tao > marriage then enter the name manually instead.

As I was the proposer, I wasn't able to show you what happens on the other end of the proposal, however I believe a popup dialog box will appear for the other party to accept or decline the proposal. This is also when an in game mail will be sent out to your friends list and guild list to invite them for the ceremony.

Once your significant other has accepted, both of you will be teleported to what resembles a church and a 5 minute timer will countdown while your friends and guildies choose whether to attend the ceremony or not. Once the timer is up, a wedding video will play in game and another 5 minute timer after that for your guests to mingle to commemorate the special occasion.

Now that you're married, both of you will receive a mail from the wedding planner with your wedding rings. You can also start to collect your daily pink dust from baby big tao by selecting him then marriage > the fruits of love as shown below (Tentative: It appears that you need both parties to login daily to collect this pink dust):

Pink Love Dust Information: Note That It Implies Both Parties Have To Login To Get Dust

Clicking On The Fruits Of Love Gives You 1 Pink Dust Daily

Clicking On The Fruits Of Love Gives You 1 Pink Dust Daily

If the wedding doesn't work out, either party may complete the divorce with a fee of 100 soul gems as shown below:

Divorce Fee in Legion Of Heroes

The main perk of getting married, aside from having a partner, is the wedding ring that can be upgraded using the pink dust, and exchanging this pink dust for other useful items as shown below:

List Of Items That Can Be Exchanged Using Pink Dust (I omitted the gold bars as gold is relatively easier to farm)

However, the star is still the upgradable wedding ring, which allows you to equip 1 fewer piece of an item set and still get the item bonus. Eg if you equip 2 pieces, you can get the 3 piece bonus. This is especially useful when we eventually get another useful quest helm and weapon and we want to maximise the damage of our heroes. Unfortunately, this is quite a grind as this bonus is unlocked at the vintage wedding ring (150 days) and the best ring, eternal wedding ring is only available after 1000 days.

As I haven't unlocked the higher level rings, I'll only be able to post their stats as and when I unlock them.


Find your most active friend and marry him or her !

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