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Arena: How To Improve Your Score


Apart from Mythic Raid, Arena rewards are probably the next best. Arena chests may contain hearts, dragon hearts, rune essences and the latest orichalcom, so they're a must have for upgrades. Let's not forget that more doppelganger queen essence is doled out for higher rankings in arena too. I hope that by showing you my arena formation (credit to LEGlON's Viceroy, Kitty), line up and how I prioritise tagging in arena, you will be able to improve your scores for better rewards.

EDIT: GoddessOfHope pointed out that you can tap or click on the top bar of heroes to tag them. Thanks Hope !


Arena is PvP through and through, hence the heroes that do well for PvE content will be less effective here. PvP heroes are the ones with mythic or active skills that allow them to do more PvP damage and take less PvP damage. After setting your formation and line up, remember to check all your heroes are set to use skills. It can be toggled on and off by tapping on their portraits at the bottom of the arena set formation screen.

Next, tap on the matching button and you will be randomly matched with 3 opponents depending on their arena points relative to yours. You can see the opponent's line up and formation but you're unable to change your heroes and formation after matching is complete. There's an option for practice matches, however I don't use them because completing 12 fights daily is already a massive time sink. Please help to send a 1:1 to petition Nexon to reduce the number of fights daily.

When the fight starts, you have 3 tags to use to select the attack priority. These can be overwritten by enmity heroes like Michael or Sword Main, so you have to remember which heroes hit the tags and which hit the enmity heroes. Eg, my Gun Main and Raguel will target Michael until his first life is depleted then they will target the tags.

My deck has a mix of both PvP and PvE heroes as I don't have enough PvP heroes now. Defensively, the essence is to spread out your deck while maximising buffs, and deflecting hits to defensive heroes as much as possible. Offensively, the essence is to disable the most devastating heroes of your opponent first so that auto fights doesn't mess up your win rate. (you're welcome to use my arena formation, I only ask that you refer your pals to this blog in return .. sharing is caring)

I'll broadly classify heroes into 3 types:

1. Debuff heroes are the ones that stun, silence, bewitch, poison, dispel buffs, expose weakness etc. Offensively, you want to disable these first if your opponent's power is similar or higher than yours. Defensively, you will want to go first so they can disable as many opponent heroes as possible.

2. Fury heroes are the ones that steal fury so heroes in the same deck can cast their skills. Offensively, you want to disable these first if opponent's power is lower than yours. Defensively, you need to experiment to see how many you need in your deck so your heroes have sufficient fury to cast their skills. My deck is slightly fury starved as I rely on opponent hits to generate fury.

3. Buff heroes are the ones that increase attack, critical chance, critical damage etc. Offensively, these heroes are next in line because some opponents may have more than 3 debuff heroes you want to tag.

The framework I use for each fight is:

A. Power (If power is below 40mil I'll proceed, if power is 40mil or higher I'll skip to the next opponent. You will need to experiment to know which power values you can reliably win and mine is around 40mil)

B. PvP heroes (I'll check the deck for PvP heroes; if 3 or fewer PvP heroes then I can proceed, if more than 3 then I'll skip to the next opponent)

As I'm currently still able to squeeze into Royal bracket every week, my fights may not be the same as the ones you experience. At this bracket, I will almost certainly tag Daji, Kunoichi and Ella/Black Surfer Rag/Taihu.

There is a cumulative win bonus that maxes out at +8 per win, so it's better to take fewer points from winning a lower ranked opponent (70 to 80 base points +cumulative win bonus) than to take a loss (30 points if lose to the highest ranked opponent). Eg if I win the lowest ranked, I net about 80 points; if I lose to the highest ranked, I only get 30 points. This translates to an immediate 50 point loss and additional loss of cumulative bonus for the next few fights.


ALWAYS go for the safe option unless you can ask the higher ranked person to disable skills for all their heroes.

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