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How To Upgrade Your Equipment Without Rune Essence (Updated)


Are you frustrated by the lack of rune essence ? This video guide shows how to upgrade equipment without rune essence ! Updated to include the changes to Dennis since my previous post.


1. Ensure item(s) in inventory

2. Ensure enough gold by referring to charts below

The top chart shows repair cost per attempt and bottom chart shows cumulative repair cost up to that attempt. Maximum repair attempts is 15. Mouse over to see the actual amount of gold needed.

3. If in guild, ensure Dennis and Rita are hired (ask your officers etc to hire)

4. Repeat steps shown in video below


To minimise rune essence utilisation, I like to use the following guideline

A. 1 to 12 without rune essence

B. 13 to 20 with rune essence

C. 20 to as high as possible with 5 to 8 repairs

D. Rest of the way to 30 with rune essence

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