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Ruins Exploration: Race To Top 10


Ever wondered how to get top 10 ranks in Ruins Exploration ? Here's how I do it:


The most important 3 factors for clearing ruins exploration from 5-1 to 6-10:

1. Starting fury so your heroes can skill in the first turn.

2. Shields for everyone starting from 6-1, all the way to 6-10; even decking out my heroes fully in the latest mythic seasonal gear also results in complete obliteration within the first 2 turns without shields.

3. Reducing loading times so you save precious seconds (as of this post, you need to clear 5-1 to 6-10 in around 12min to be in top 10; clearing in around 10min last week netted me 3rd position).

For the 1st point, there are limited heroes available that start with fury:

A. Ariesse

B. Claire

C. Gabriel

D. Husky

E. Mordred

F. Morgiana

G. Serisa

There's a full list here though some of them are not available in Global Legion of Heroes or have yet to be released.

For the 2nd point, look out for heroes with shielding abilities from their skills, mythic skills or costumes. The Legion of Heroes Wiki's site search function is somewhat lacking so I use Google to complement it here.

Form your 5-hero explore team line up and formation around the heroes you have from the above 2 points. Don't forget to include strong attackers in the line up too. Also, you should try to have at least a partial hero combination so that you can maximise the damage done, in order to cut down the number of turns required to clear the stages.

For the 3rd point, some friends running Legion of Heroes with the Samsung Galaxy S8 (comes with fastest mobile phone processors available in the market right now) noticed their loading times are still inferior to Android emulators running on good hardware.

Hence, at least until next year when the next generation of mobile processors hit the market for us to test again, you'll have to stick with an Intel or AMD processor with strong multi-core performance and enable virtualisation extensions via BIOS as shown here.

Thereafter, just make sure you enable multiple processor support in your favourite Android emulators and you're good to go !

I've recorded 2 methods showing the line up, formation, gear and initiatives in the videos below:

Method 1

Method 2


Watch the videos above for how I do it ! Fury start, shields for everyone, upgrade your computer's CPU and you should be able to better my timings soon as mine are not fully optimised yet.

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