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Questions Answered: Round 1


Back when this blog first started, I put up a Typeform for anyone to leave questions they have about the game. This is the first of many rounds of answers to the questions asked by the community. If you have questions of our own, please send them over here.


Note: Questions will not be edited in any way to avoid misinterpretation on my part.

Submitted by Alecana

Q1. Have you been able to determine what the "unavoidable" description for Melissa's costume means?

A1. I haven't done any extensive testing, however I'm quite sure it means that the damage cannot be mitigated by any means, even by shields.

Q2. What is the best way to beat Hard tower floor 60 since I want to get tomes to build mage teams?

A2. You will need both physical and magical attack heroes, because in the boss round, 1 of the bosses is immune to physical damage, and the other is immune to magical damage. A quick way to tell which type of damage your hero deals is to tap/click on the skill description. As long as it doesn't state explicitly that the skill deals magical damage, it's almost guaranteed to be a hero dealing physical damage. Note that some costumes will change the hero's damage from physical to magical, eg Prame's costume.

Submitted by MicroSicro

Q3. Best way to gear Indra?

A3. As Indra is a PvE hero, the best way to gear at the moment will be having full 5 piece mythical season 2 rank 1 gear bonus including a max level ring that adds attack.

Q4.  Arena formations?

A4. Refer to my earlier post with my arena formation that you can use as a guideline.

Q5. Gear guide? Thanks :)

Q6. You can do a site search for category 'Equipment' to get suggestions on how best to upgrade your gear. 

That's all for this round, do keep the questions coming !

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